We Are Your Cloud Concierge

Cloud is more than an investment in technology. It is an investment in agility and innovation across IT and the business. That’s why Sync21’s approach aligns technology to business goals and ensures the right people and processes are in place for organizations to maintain momentum during their cloud journey.

How We Help

Let us help you realize your secure cloud with the following process:

  • Vision & Strategy
  • IT Infrastructure Assessment
  • Planning
  • Development & Deployment
  • Optimization
  • Ongoing Support

Vision & Strategy

Given the overwhelming number of tools and services for workloads on-premises, off-premises, and in multiple public clouds, it’s no surprise that organizations often struggle to solidify a cloud strategy. We sit down with you to understand your business vision. And then develop a plan that incorporates the right mix of cloud tools and services to make that vision a reality.

IT Infrastructure Assessment

We get a grip on your critical infrastructure, application dependencies, estimated costs, and business objectives to layout cloud use cases and optimization opportunities and pave your way to cloud adoption.


We design a secure and compliant cloud architecture, choose an optimal tech stack, and develop a detailed cloud adoption plan in line with your business objectives.

Development & Deployment

We oversee cloud deployment or, if needed, implement your cloud infrastructure, setting up best practices to speed up and even automate the process.


Suppose you already have a cloud environment in place and seek to optimize resource consumption, improve compliance or cut operating costs. In that case, we can do that for you, providing cloud infrastructure consulting and optimization.

Ongoing Support

We will track and optimize cloud resource usage and spend, extend your cloud services portfolio, perform compliance checks, and provide employee training to keep your cloud workflows swift, secure, and aligned with your business processes.

Cloud Security: Eliminate the Unknowns

We can help you configure and plan your cloud operations security. When operating in cloud environments, your organization now owns the management of all operating systems, associated application software, and the configuration of security group firewalls. Whether you are considering moving your applications or operations to the cloud or want to secure your existing cloud environment, we can help you understand cloud risks, establish criteria for different classes of data, and define deployment standards.

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