It is time to start taking advantage of the benefits and cost savings of moving your email to the Office 365 Cloud. Let us migrate your current email boxes to Office 365 for you. If you are already there, let us take over configuration and management tasks for you.

Our managed services include user management tasks such as:

  • Password resets
  • Distribution group management
  • Purge of deleted users and mailboxes
  • Creation of mailbox templates for settings that govern retention, mailbox access methods, regional options, and quotas
  • Mobile device access monitoring
  • Establishment of granular user access controls

We protect your email and documents with Office 365 Cloud Backup services.

Your responsibility to protect your organization’s data does not go away when you migrate to Microsoft Office 365. Our backup solution ensures uninterrupted productivity with access to historical snapshots and versions of all your data and the ability to restore to any previous version with 100% accuracy.

Office 365 Security

Email is at the forefront of cyberattacks, from Phishing to ‘user account takeover.’ Cybercriminals are especially taking advantage of the new stay-at-home workforce. 33% of businesses surveyed reported that outbound email breaches caused financial damages, and more than 25% confirmed those breaches prompted an audit or investigation by a regulatory body. 89% of the businesses reported that employees put sensitive data at risk by replying to a spearphishing email.

Our security services offer everything from awareness training to 24/7event log monitoring for all your Microsoft Office 365 accounts. Our available SOC (Security Operations Center) provides real-time visibility into users, groups, Azure Active Directory activity, and much more. Let us help you ensure that only the correct information is accessed while mail and files leaving the Office 365 Environment get scanned to ensure no improper data is moving out from your cloud.

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