Comprehensive setup, user management, security implementation, and continuous monitoring

One of our core competencies is the setup, security optimization, monitoring and maintenance of Microsoft 365 environments for our customers.

This encompasses a wide range of tasks, including…

  • Initial Configuration

  • User Management

  • Security Implementation

  • Ongoing Monitoring

  • Maintenance

Initial Configuration

This involves setting up Microsoft 365 accounts, domains, and licensing for clients. We ensure that the configuration aligns with the clients’ requirements, such as email integration, collaboration tools, and data storage solutions. We specialize in the migration of existing data and applications to the Microsoft 365 platform, ensuring a smooth transition for our customers.

User Management

We create and manage user accounts, permissions, and access levels within the Microsoft 365 environment. We handle user onboarding, password resets, and access control to safeguard data and maintain a secure environment.

Security Implementation

We enforce Microsoft 365 security best practices, including the following:

  • Enforce strong access controls and identity management. This includes implementing multifactor authentication (MFA) across all user accounts, ensuring least privilege access to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, and regularly reviewing and updating user access rights.
  • Leverage built-in security features such as Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and encryption capabilities. These features help detect and prevent threats, safeguard sensitive data, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Establish robust backup and disaster recovery solutions for Microsoft 365 data. This involves regularly backing up critical data and systems, implementing a comprehensive recovery plan, and testing the recovery process to ensure data can be restored effectively in the event of a breach or outage.
  • Monitor and analyze security logs and alerts to identify and respond to potential security incidents promptly. This proactive approach allows for early detection, mitigation, and containment of threats, minimizing the potential impact on clients’ systems and data.
  • Training staff on best practices for password management, recognizing phishing attempts, and maintaining overall cybersecurity hygiene.
Ongoing Monitoring

Monitoring is essential to ensure the optimal performance of Microsoft 365 environments, and we use monitoring tools to track system health, identify and address performance issues. We also monitor the environment for potential threats, perform security audits, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

  • Regular Software Updates

    We ensure that all Microsoft 365 applications, including Office, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams, etc, are kept up to date with the latest security patches and feature updates. This helps to protect against vulnerabilities and ensures optimal performance.

  • Data Backup

    We monitor your backup strategy to safeguard your important data stored in Microsoft 365, including Microsoft’s built-in backup solutions, or third-party backup services for additional protection.

  • User Account Management

    We regularly review and manage user accounts in Microsoft 365, including adding new users, removing inactive or unnecessary accounts, and updating user permissions as needed.

  • Security Settings and Policies

    We regularly review and update security settings and policies in Microsoft 365 to align with your organization’s security requirements. This includes configuring password policies, enabling multi-factor authentication, and setting up data loss prevention rules.

  • Monitoring and Reporting

    We manage monitoring and reporting tools to track the usage, performance, and security of your Microsoft 365 environment, which helps to identify any issues or anomalies that require attention.

  • License Management

    We keep track of your Microsoft 365 licenses to ensure compliance and avoid unnecessary costs, including regular license usage review and reallocation of licenses when needed.

  • Email Management

    We manage your mailboxes with best practices such as archiving, mailbox size limits, and retention policies to maintain mailbox performance and compliance with data retention regulations.

  • Collaboration and Communication

    We train and educate users on best practices for using Microsoft 365 collaboration and communication tools effectively, including teaching them how to use features like SharePoint document libraries, Teams channels, and OneDrive file sharing to name a few.

  • Mobile Device Management

    If applicable, we implement mobile device management (MDM) policies to manage and secure mobile devices accessing Microsoft 365 services, which helps protect corporate data and ensures compliance.

  • Regular System Health Checks

    We perform routine system health checks to identify and resolve any issues that may impact the performance or availability of Microsoft 365 services. This can include monitoring server resources, network connectivity, and overall system performance.

In Conclusion

We have deep configuration & management experience ensuring that our Microsoft 365 environments are properly setup, secured, monitored and maintained to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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