Your Virtual CIO

Our team has a combined fifty years of senior IT management experience. We are ready to put that experience to work for you. We are your fractional (outsourced) CIO for those times you need more than just technical support. Let us assist you in becoming proactive instead of reactive concerning your IT infrastructure.

We understand the business aspects of IT. There is a budgetary and ROI dimension to every IT decision, and we get that. A good IT strategy eliminates wasteful spending and saves you money. How up to date is your current plan? What are your digital assets worth?
New laws concerning the protection of data make powerfully written IT policies a necessity. Many insurance policies will not pay out in their absence. We can facilitate the formation of critical IT policies such as:

  • Acceptable use policies
  • Network access policies
  • Externally imposed compliance policies, i.e., CMMC/DFARS and HIPAA.
  • Data breach policies

We assist you with risk management planning by identifying points of failure for critical IT assets and then providing corresponding plans for their failover and redundancy. When is the last time you tested your backup? How long did it take?
How up to date is your disaster recovery plan? Let us get started today.

Senior Leadership

Greg Weber

President | Director of Operations

Greg founded Sync21 in 2006 with a vision for helping small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures by “Synchronizing their Technology to the 21st Century”, with a focus on security and migrating difficult to maintain on-premise systems to more reliable SaaS systems on the cloud.

Carl Long

CEO | Customer Experience Ambassador

Carl is passionate about helping businesses develop their Cybersecurity capabilities.  He specializes in CMMC and HIPAA compliance, and assists each of Sync21’s customers to apply best practices and protect them from cyber-criminals, including alignment with external compliance standards.